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Genre: New Adult Paranormal
Publisher: Tri Destiny Publishing


Tragedy has made Keaira wise beyond her twenty years. Forced to work for the General, a commanding man who blackmailed his way into her life, she was ordered to study self-defense and master knife throwing. In the hidden community of Shifters, falcons are considered weak, a fact which may ultimately save her life. To escape his cruelty, she will need to call upon her quick-witted falcon side, but the General has other plans – ones which involve his only son, Carson.
When unexpected feelings form between Keaira and Carson, the General quickly moves his pieces into place, launching his quest to take over the world. If she wants to survive, Keaira must stay one step ahead in the General’s deadly game and discover his weaknesses. Even if it means risking her life and the lives of those she cares about most.
With war on the horizon, sides are being drawn. Deadly secrets must be exposed. Time is running out for Keaira and all of mankind.

About the author:

Angela Rae Harris Author Picutre

Angela Rae Harris: Stories of Hope ~ Creating Dreams

Angela is an author, a wife, mother of two, and a part-time assistant office manager. She loves nights when her husband cooks. Her two kids keep her hopping and help her tap into her well of creativity and imagination.
At thirteen, Angela read Harry Potter and was reacquainted with books. She reads everything from Steven King to Will Hobbs. She started writing after her youngest was born. The characters started to visit and wouldn’t let her sleep until she wrote down their stories.

She’d love for people to get lost in her books.

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Keaira jumped when her desk phone rang. Cursing, she picked up the phone.

“Mr. Scott’s office.”

“Hey, it’s Carson.”

Keaira felt her face light up.

“Oh. Hi. How did you get my work number?” Keaira shook her head at her own stupid question. “Ugh, I think I already knew the answer to that.”

“Sorry. I talked to my dad this morning. Just thought I’d warn you that he was asking questions about us.” He sounded a little unsure of himself.

“It’s not a big deal. So, what’s up?”

Keaira twirled her chair around to stare at the boring white wall behind her.

“I was just going to tell you I’d really like to see you again. How does tomorrow night sound?”
Keaira pushed her foot lightly against the floor to turn the chair the way around and rested her elbows on her desk. The deep sound of his voice made her feel a little light headed.

“I’m free.” Keaira caught herself before she giggled. I will not act like a giddy little school-girl over a guy, even Carson.

“Dinner and bowling with my friends all right with you?” He sounded nervous, not at all like the confident, easy-going Carson of the night before.

“Sounds like fun.”

“Last time you shot down my idea, so I just wanted to make sure. I’ll pick you up after work.” Now he was back to the cocky Carson she had been with last night.

“See ya then. Bye.”

Keaira turned back around to hang up, but the cord wouldn’t reach the cradle. She untangled it from around the chair and freed the finger that was all wrapped up in the cord from twisting it while she was talking to Carson. Gah, I am acting like a school-girl. Who doesn’t use cordless phones these days anyways.

Keaira was so distracted she didn’t see Mr. Scott come into her office. She nearly fell out of her chair when she looked up. She could understand not hearing or seeing him enter, but surely she should have smelled his cologne when he came into the room. I hate that cologne.

He tried to smile. To Keaira it just looked like a sneer. She’d love to be the one who wiped it from his face one day.

He said, “Sorry, did I interrupt something?”

She narrowed her eyes at him. He knew damn well she had just been on the phone with Carson.

“Not interrupting, no.”

He set a handful of papers on her desk. “New membership information.”

Keaira took the papers and started looking through them. Despite her obvious attempt to ignore him, the General didn’t leave. She avoided his gaze as she started transferring bank accounts and phone numbers to the computer. He pulled up a chair to the front of the desk.

“So how are things going with Carson?”

He unbuttoned his navy-blue suit jacket as he sat down, exposing the crisp white dress shirt underneath.

Keaira didn’t look at him.

“Considering you are my boss and he is your son, there are two strikes against you. I guess the fact that you hold my life in your hands is the third reason why I will not talk to you about anything having to do with me and Carson.”

The General chuckled. “I knew I could trust you to keep secrets.”

Keaira tried not to let him affect her, but the tremor, which ran up her spine, couldn’t be stopped. Her fingers clenched into fists, and she figured that while he was in a good mood she would broach the subject that had been nagging at her all day.

“Speaking of secrets, why are you keeping your, um, plans from your family?”

She held her breath, hoping she would not regret acting on her curiosity. She peered at him out of the corner of her eye.

The General sighed and looked at her oddly. Funny, he thinks he can trust me. Keaira inwardly laughed. She met his brown eyes as he stared at her. A minute passed with neither of them moving. He finally leaned back in his chair and closed the door. Keaira relaxed a bit, allowing herself to breathe.

“I don’t want to put them in harm’s way any more than I already have. Those who deny the rise of the higher class may try to get information out of them.”

He spoke quickly. Keaira had the feeling he wasn’t telling her the whole reason.

Not being the best at holding her tongue, Keaira whispered, “You don’t want them to try to stop you.”

The General suddenly stood and then returned the chair to its place in the corner. He turned back toward Keaira, and she slumped into her chair as his brown eyes bore into hers.

“I love my family. I will not let anything hurt them.” He gave her one last hard glance as he opened the office door and left.

Keaira sat there, mouth wide open and watched him leave.

She believed the General loved his family but on selfish terms. This man was insane, and he held her life and the lives of many others in his hands. If it were not for the collateral the General had over Keaira, she would want nothing to do with his scheme to rule over the humans. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she reminded herself he had the ability to take any life he wanted. She wasn’t the only one in danger. Right now she was just thankful her big mouth didn’t get her into even bigger trouble.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00071]

Let’s meet Keaira–the main character from Stolen Time.

Thanks for joining us today. Take the floor, Keaira and tell us a little about yourself!

All I wanted to do was talk about cars but Angela won’t let me. *rolls eyes* She claims that this is a great opportunity to use my people skills and express myself. Well, I’m not really used to having a conversation with someone that doesn’t involve shoving a folder full of misdeeds in their face.  So, please forgive me if I bring up that incident in college. Oh, sorry. *cheesy grin*

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Keaira Jaquins. I work for a man who is a professional blackmailer and sends me all over the country to do his dirty work.  I overheard his conversation about his plan to rule the world and this is where THAT has landed me.  Not that I can complain too much. I mean I put my life on the line every day for free hotels, paid for meals and nice cars. Fair trade right? *dripping with sarcasm*

Oh, and I may have forgotten to mention that I’m a Shifter. I can turn into a peregrine falcon whenever I want. I can fly. Cool right? *smiles wickedly* The problem with that is the General, Mr. Prick, is a Shifter too. And there isn’t much a little falcon can do against him except fly away!

Enough about him. Let’s talk some more about me. I like cars. Fast cars. I don’t discriminate against make, model or year. As long as it’s fast! You know who has a great car? Carson. The second thing that surprised me about Carson was his car, a 1969 Nova with a beautiful body. *sighs* What’s that? Oh, the first thing that surprised me about Carson? Well, that was his looks. He looks just like my high school boyfriend, and love of my life, Shane.

Carson has many great qualities, but he also has a bad one that sticks out big time! He is the son of the General. Yep, that crazy man I work for is Carson’s father.  Hey, no one ever accused me of playing it safe! *winks*

Thanks for having me! I hope you enjoy my story in Stolen Time!


Angela’s interview:


Hi Angela! Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and the books that you write?

I am a wife and mother of two and I work from home. We live in Northern Utah between the mountains and the Great Salt Lake. I write new adult/mature young adult books. They are paranormal with a romantic twist. I’ve always wanted to write a book that my teenage cousins would enjoy reading and their mothers would approve of.

Tell the readers a little bit about your writing process, for instance, how long does it take for you to finish a first draft? Are you plotter or a pantser?

I don’t like to call myself a plotter. I do an outline of my stories. I write out in one sentence what I want to accomplish in each chapter. However, I let my characters talk to me and if something happens that I didn’t plan, I let them to do the talking.

Do you have any interesting quirks or habits to help you through the writing process?

I like to watch the show FRIENDS while I write. It makes great background noise and it has always been one of my favorites. This month I’ve been snacking on the left-over Halloween candy while I write too.

Where do you get the ideas and inspirations for your books?

The inspiration for the shifters in Stolen Time (The Time Series #1) came from the birthmark on my arm that is shaped like a cat paw. I came up with the idea that the mark meant something – that someone with the mark could shift. My characters also have a bad habit of visiting me right when I’m trying to fall asleep at night. Sometimes I’ll lay there for hours while they act out scenes in my head.

Do you ever find yourself experiencing writers block? How do you cope with it?

I’ve never really had writers block, although, I have had times when the story isn’t flowing like I want it to. Usually that requires a break from staring at the computer screen for a few minutes. I find that I have a different problem. There are too many stories swarming around in my head waiting to be incorporated into a story.

 Is there a particular author and/or book out there that inspired you?

After I read the Blood Trails by Alianne Donnelly I knew I wanted to write my own shifter themed book. I loved the way she portrayed the animal side of her character. The idea for my story was already in my head. Blood Trails made me believe that I could share my concepts too. Note: Blood Trails is for a reading audience of 18 years and older.

What advice would you give to authors who are just starting out?

Never give up! And when I say that, I don’t just mean when you are trying to get your book published. The process goes way beyond that. Even after you get a contract there are still many challenges ahead.

 If you could pick one of your characters in your book(s) to hang out with for one day, who would it be, and why?

Wait, you mean outside my head right? ;) I think Keaira would be fun to hang out with. She isn’t the type to sit still in a movie theater and I love that about her. She would rather go bowling or on a hike. She likes to spend time talking and enjoying the company that she is with. I’m much the same way.


Five Quick-Fire Questions:

Favorite Movie? I have too many favorite movies! If I had to name one it would be Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr.

Cats or Dogs? I have had both pet cats and also had a dog named Spike who was as much a part of the family as I was. And even though my cat lives with my parents (my husband and kids are very allergic) she still cuddles with me whenever I come over.

Favorite Food? Desert ;)

Favorite Ice-Cream Flavor?  Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Brownie

Something you never leave home without? My phone


Thank you for your awesome questions!


My Review:

5 ♥’s

As a ginormous fan of shifter/pararnormal/newadult books, I was stoked to be able to read Ms. Harris’s debut novel because it had all those goodies mixed within the pages.  Although Stolen Time is considered novella standard due to it’s shorter length, I still felt as if I were able to get everything I needed, and then some, to full fill my book needs. But one thing is for sure, I’m definitely in need of more. Stolen Time was like the best and worst kind of tease for this eager reviewer. :)

Kieaira is not your average twenty year in the sense that she is a shifter, as well as a girl who’s just a little bit broken. After her high school sweet heart died in a tragic car accident, Kieaira was lost in the emotional sense. She soon took on the job being a bad guy named the General’s minion, doing all the things he needed help with during his evil plan to dominate the world with shifters. But along the way, she met up with the General’s son, Carson (a boy who looked almost identical to her deceased love.) That helps to make her time pass a little easier, but unfortunately between them there was something missing that neither could put their fingers on, so they decided being friends was much better in the end. No my biggest question for Ms. Harris is, who exactly will be Kieaira’s love interest in the next book? I”m not a patient person, so I’m hoping book two is on it’s way soon!

From beginning to end, Stolen Time took me on a ride that was beyond epic. Ms. Harris has such a smooth writing style that was easy to follow, and I was lost in her words and Kieaira’s world for an entire morning. I highly recommend picking up this novella. It’s a great opener to the next book in the series, and one that’s simple to follow, but gives you the perfect escape from everyday life at the same time.

Great job, Ms. Harris. I absolutely can not wait for more!

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